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Burnt coffee

Life is like………..Burnt Coffee 

I recently left my coffee pot on and went out for the day……I came home to a STRONG smell of …..burnt coffee!

I expected the pot to be unsalvageable but to my surprise a bit of water, soap and soaking quickly made it look like new, kind of like LIFE. Sometimes when you think things are bad, unchangeable, lost, you find that hope and strength to make changes 🙂


My coffee mishap taught me a few things.

1.  Don’t leave coffee pot on all day again 🙂

2.  Be more aware and present so not to over look the small simple things (pay attention to what is right before you, just like a coffee pot that needs turning OFF)

3.  Focus on one thing at a time.  Otherwise I will just feel “burnt” like my coffee. Trying to do too much has only negatively impacted my life. It only leads to extreme burn out and feeling down.

Life’s little lessons ❤

The idea of changing the focus of my blog to coffee is interesting and I am looking forward to having some great reviews.BUT as much as I love coffee I realize I am no pro. Far from it. I recently came across these top coffee blogs and woah what a brew of information. I would rather follow these blogs from time  to time than commit to becoming a coffee connoisseur.  For me it USED to be all or nothing thinking but that’s changing 🙂 I can and have the power to customize my blog. I can do a little coffee and a little “me” 🙂

Sure I’ll focus on coffee , reviews and trends at times but not all the time.  As much as I want to take a little turn in my blog I also don’t want to give up other things I love writing about so much.   I think I need and want to focus on my journey and adventures.

I’ll leave the deep (and sometimes dark) thoughts to my journal and close family/friends.  I too often vent and “give up” initially when something is new    After comfort settles in I feel like a new woman  with new perspective  and see how silly I was! I see I need to make things BIG in order to bring them back to reality and cope with them. This is great for me but I just need at this time different vices to express that 🙂

So today my coffee talk thought is this challenge:

Try and do one new thing each day

Yes.  That simple

A new activity, a new route, a new food, a new way of doing something at work, doing something I have always avoided in a more positive way

Basically leaving my comfort zone behind

By trying new things. I am actually “living”.  Leaving old habits and routines behind is so good for me.

Keep up the good work ME!!

Some randomness


I miss this woman more than words can tell. Mama was here for a visit. It was the BEST feeling in the world. I love having her here with me, BUT life is such and she must get home to her life back in NJ. I can NOT wait until the next time she visits.  Here she is enjoying herself at dinner 🙂

Spotted! During our outlet journey! I can NOT get over the cuteness!


My sunny room ❤

Greetings from jersey. It feels amazing and so comforting to come home after work and receive a letter from a friend in NJ ❤  

New travel buddy:  Kemit the frog. I can NOT get him out of my car! 


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