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The struggle of being an introvert AND highly sensitive. Being highly sensitive means that you can’t handle loud noises, places, crowds, lights, sounds, etc. Anything that your senses can see/hear/taste and feel.  I struggle with loud places, smells, tastes, lighting. It physically hurts at times.  Its easier for me if I can be an observer in these situations, not interact just observe, but it can still be difficult (I very much dislike thing like crowded yoga classes, sitting too close or speaking too close to me, very bright places, very loud places (like concerts))  I also absorb what those closest to me are feeling. When it is something like anxiety or anger, it is painful for me too.  I wish there was a magic wand or pill I could take to make this easier, but there is not. My only choice is to make it work for me. So, I can plan short increments ( I love knowing there is going to be an end to something), choose “off” times or smaller venues, and just be clear and not force myself to stay in situations I can’t handle. Along with this comes guilt, something I also am working on. Here is a great article that goes in depth about all of these things.  Sometimes I would much rather do something FOR you than actually spend time with you.

So I can see how a lot of these are helpful and necessary but also have some disagreements with a few.  For example:  Working in a job you don’t love.  Luckily I am fortunate in this area because I do love my job, BUT others that may not, also may not have a choice at that moment in their life.  I think the focus should be more on finding joy in the little things and changing your mind frame versus quitting and doing something you “love”.  You can “love” things in various ways

#1 is my biggest struggle. Would love to hear YOUR thoughts!

  • Living Alone, You May Be More Likely to Struggle with Mental Health  I can see this view, however again,  I think it can be done in a healthy way
  • How to deal with Toxic Families:  I think this is great to consider for ALL relationships, not just families! I think it is important to add, how to encourage and practice empathy. You can still set boundaries without judgment for someone that does not fit into your lifestyle.  It is not to say the person is bad, evil or wrong, it only confirms it is not right for YOU at the moment.
  • About my Mothers Day/Fathers Day brunch menu. Since my parents will be leaving soon for their 3-month long trip/adventure, I will be having a little Mothers Day/Fathers day brunch to send them off 🙂


Dream Life

This is so pretty 

Larger View of Product

So peaceful

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Not a book, BUT an interesting article about how rich men, are full of it!  Do you agree? Disagree!?  Would love to hear thoughts and comments!

* I am interested in hosting an “articles party”. I would love to meet at a coffee shop or cafe to discuss an article.  This takes the pressure off having to read an entire book and would lead to some great discussion! let me know if you are interested in participating!

Currently Reading

The Silent Patient:  So good!! I was hoping to get through this quickly and need to be better about my physical book reading because this is just WAY too good! Also, I feel terrible, a friend wanted to borrow this for a trip this weekend BUT I failed to complete it 😦

Confess by Colleen Hoover:  Just started this. I love, love love this author!


Ghosted:  No, this is not about ghosts 🙂  It is about dating and being “ghosted” (new term now) When someone is really “into” you, seems to like you, then “Disappears”. This seems to be a huge trend today, especially with online dating……Ok, So I side-eyedImage result for side eyeing meme this at first and about halfway through was thinking of placing this on my DNF (Did not finish) List. I am so happy that I continued! This turned out to be a great read!  If you read it, hang in there the first half is a bit slow (I have issues with patience 🙂 )  Lots of twists and turns.


Spring cleaning and decluttering time! Struggling still? Read this amazing piece about what questions (Besides “Does it spark joy”) to ask yourself. I think you can use this in all aspects of your life, NOT just material possessions!

What an inspiring MORNING routine. Personally, I don’t find affirmations very helpful for myself, but I do love the other ideas, most of which I already do. Love the concept of breaking this into three areas: Mind, Body, Spirit. What a great way to start your day but focusing a bit on each area!  Something I find VERY helpful is doing a “BRAIN DUMP” first thing in the morning. Just write anything and everything in my mind. To do lists, thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions. 

The Case for Curiosity: We should never stop being curious. Stepping OUT of my routine is such a struggle and so hard for me, but we learn and grow from those hard moments and experiences.  I am going to continue to strive to be more present WHEREVER I am and WHATEVER it is that I am doing. Whether in a yoga class (feel my body, emotions, feelings) Talking with someone (Am I really listening, or am I trying to “fix”)  At a museum (Am I there just to check it off my “to do list” or am I looking at and feeling what the artists are trying to portray? How does it make me feel?)  These are just a few examples of HOW I plan to be a bit more curious. As I tell my students, ASK those questions!  Keep asking, get clarity, truly understand it (Does not mean you need to agree with it!)


Relationships around me. It is interesting to sit back and observe

People’s reactions IF I hung this in my bathroom (Don’t worry I don’t plan on it, as of right now)

Want to watch:  The new Brene Brown talk on Netflix and “Mine” , which was recommended by a friend, that I still have not gotten around to.


Boundaries Arent A Bad Idea Beautifully written/drawn and said, friendships and boundaries. So true, we (I) grew up in an age where movies like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “Stand By Me”, etc were prevalent That is the vision and idea of friendship I had and strived for, yet never attained or achieved it.

Hobbies & Activities:  I do many “activities” (walking hiking reading yoga) and I am so grateful for those things. But do I have a hobby? Writing? yes. I want another one though.Image result for hobbies

Values:  12 of the Most Important Values in Life to Live By  Which of these are easy for you? Which are the most difficult?  These are difficult to read and really dive into and self assess yourself.


Updates on The Ordinary products – I ordered four products from The Ordinary. I have been using these items for two weeks so far, here are my thoughts and updates:

  1.  The Ordinary
    Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution – 240ml

    Not sure how I feel about this honestly? It is a toner. I was previously using witch hazel. I do not see much of a difference nor do I really see WHAT is is actually doing for me? I do like the slight tingle factor (which witch hazel did not have)  I’ll continue for a few more weeks and see if my thoughts change?

  2. The Ordinary
    Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% – 30ml:  This by far has been my favorite!  I just started alternating with this because you should not use this along with Vitamin C. I notice this dries up and clears up any imperfections. Excited to see how I like this after a few more weeks!
  3.  The Ordinary
    100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil – 30ml:  I really want to love this, but honestly I am a bit scared of it because of its heaviness and likelihood to clog up more pores. I have been using it on my chest, elbows, hands, and any other dry spots. I find it leaves me VERY shiny when I use it on my face. Maybe I will try incorporating it during my PM routine. I prefer my rosehip oil (from Trilogy)
  4. The Ordinary
    Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% – 30ml:  This is a water-based solution. I use it in the AM. Honestly, I see/feel nothing as a result. I am not really sure WHAT it should be doing. Not sure I will reorder this.
  5.  The Ordinary
    Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion (Previously Advanced Retinoid 2%) – 30ml:  Prior to this, I was using the Good Genes by Sunday Riley as my retinol. However, the price of Good Genes is quite steep.  So I thought I would give this retinol a try.  I think I may have experienced a bit of my skin detoxing as I noticed some slight breakouts, however, I am not certain it is from this retinol or the change of weather, where I am at in my cycle (hormones) etc. I had mixed feelings about Good Genes as well but from comparison so far, I feel like Good Genes felt better, but even with Good Genes, was not really sure WHAT it was doing or supposed to be doing




  1.  Are you highly sensitive? How do you deal with it?
  2. Do you have a hobby? What is it?
  3. Which value is most important to you?

1 thought on “Valuable Values”

  1. I’m definitely with you on wanting to work a job that I love (that’d definitely be ideal!), but I’m having such a hard time deciding where it is that I want to work! (It’s a good problem to have, and hopefully I’ll figure it out soon, hahah. ._.)

    I’d really love to visit Maine someday! I’ll have to live vicariously through you if you go this summer!

    I think you already know that I have wayyyy too many hobbies. ._. There’s never enough time to do it all!


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