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Ten for Tuesday 10.17.15

Happy St Patricks day!!

The tricky leprechaun did NOT visit my class this year. Instead we celebrated our day with a taste test…..Irish soda bread and HOMEMADE irish potatoes

We discussed, talked about how we THINK they will taste, feel, etc, THEN taste test time….

The winner……………

Amy’s Irish Sugar Potatoes!!! ❤

1. I want to make these

Paleo version

I remember HATING  these as a kid, now I am craving them! Oh how things change!

2. Speak up!

If you THINK someone feels a certain way……ASK them. You can not possibly read their mind. In fact, you will most likely be wrong. We tend to use our own insecurities and shortfalls to judge others. Human nature. I do it all the time. I am often times quite surprised to find out I have actually been …..WRONG!  (who me!?  noooo never)

So do yourself a favor and others. SPEAK UP. Yes. Confrontation is hard. It is uncomfortable. It may cause you anxiety. However, it is MUCH better than living a life filled with un-true pre-judgements and thoughts.

3. Everything is not always all about……..YOU

Seriously. I am so guilty of this, you probably are too.  If someone is whispering, I think its about……me

Someone laughing?………….must be ME  (My hair, toilet paper on my shoe? my walk?)

Someone is angry?……………I must have done something bad to upset them

ENOUGH.  Its not always about you. More times than others it is probably not. We get so self absorbed and let our guilt build up, only to cause un-needed anxiety and stress in our lives.

Don’t assume its about you.  Give people the benefit of the doubt. This is what I am trying to do. It is hard to change your thinking, but SO worth it in the end!

4. I thought this was beautiful….

Are angels guiding YOU?

I am pretty sure I have a few angels up there ❤

5. Team Work

I have to say I work with some wonderful and special people. I never really liked team work. I always thought I was better on my own. However today with the help of some very intelligent women, we were able to devise a wonderful plan and begin to put it into action.

I stress TEAM work to my students all the time. Its about TIME I start taking my own advice

6. Practice forgiveness daily.

Letting go of resentment will help you feel more connected to your best self. If you’re harboring hurt feelings or if you feel wronged, ask yourself if it’s more important to be right or happy. Most of the time, we hold onto hateful feelings because we want to feel right in how others have wronged us. But this prevents us from being happy. What can you let go of and who can you forgive today?

I forgave myself TODAY for something that I have been ashamed of for a long time. I have accepted it and am moving on. It feels good to get to this point. There is no use beating myself up over something I can not change. I can only keep moving forward.

7. I don’t FEEL fat

Oh my gosh! People always say “Fat is not a feeling” yeah yeah, well I feel FAT!

Until now. I get it. I don’t feel fat. I feel OTHER things. (((LIGHTBULB MOMENT)))

I realize that I logically know that I did gain 300 pounds in the last 10 minutes. I am realizing that what I feel is bloated. Full. Hungry. Content. Stuffed.

Those are feelings. FAT is not

Certain foods make me feel icky. I associate that “ickyness” with fat, when in fact it is other things

❤  Its great when you start seeing things clearly. It begins to get easier

8. I feel strong

I like this feeling. I feel strong because I am eating well, not keeping my feelings inside, walking outside and getting some exercise.  I am feeling strong. Mentally and physically today ❤

9. I had the BEST childhood and parents

I have been thinking about how fortunate and lucky I am to have two amazing, wonderful , supportive, loving parents. They each show me in their own way. They never disappoint me. They LISTEN to me. The talk to me. The let me cry. They let me vent. They encourage me. The support me.  They want the best for me. They LOVE me.  They have given me the BEST childhood and adult life anyone could ask for. I am so grateful for all they have taught and showed me. I hope they know I feel the same about them and I hope the realize how amazing they are…..



I remember their laughs and my amazement at our house in Philly, playing a game…..they were hysterical and I had NO idea why!? Why were they NOT amazed like me?

SO, here was the deal….

I had to run upstairs and flush the toilet ONE time.

When I came back downstairs, my creepy “mer-animals” MOVED ON THEIR OWN to a new location!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it!?!??!?!?!?

Welll…………I did 🙂

Did anyone else have these???????

My mom is the BEST cook. One of my favorite meals…………..her crockpot apricot chicken.

We always ate dinner as a family. I do not know how she managed this…..super woman!


10. What do I really enjoy?

I still ask myself this question. Something I am truly trying to figure out.  Is it a hobby and a true love/like of mine, or is it just another one of my self hate induced “punishments“?

I begin LIKING/LOVING/ENJOYING something, then I tend to over do it. I try to out do myself. Out perform myself. I compete with myself CONSTANTLY and not in a healthy way.  I put strict rules on myself and in turn this makes me dread the new activity.

I have been REALLY doing so much better with this by really doing what I want WHEN I want.  I am trying NOT to be superwoman and accomplish 50 things before noon……I will take my time, enjoy the activities, AND if I don’t get to it………there is always later, or tomorrow.

The stress is JUST not worth it. I want to ENJOY life!


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