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UnManic Monday

Today I am #grateful for learning to listen to my body by listening to my hunger ques as well as my energy level ques.

Happy Monday !


This morning I am feeling very anxious. Its definitely the transition from weekend mode to work day mode. Yes its summer, things are less structured, less pressure, shorter hours, BUT it still gives me major anxiety. So my morning and day will be spent talking myself through that I CAN DO THIS and will. I know I will be fine, just the anticipation of it all makes me feel “off”.




I gave my mom one of my wonderful Hand and Stone Massages yesterday because she REALLY, TRULY needed and deserved on. She absolutely LOVED it, I am so happy it brought her some relief and joy

That little lady has been busting her butt the past few weeks by taking care of herself, the house/yard and still managing to take care of OTHERS! All while wearing a big smiley face 🙂

That  She is my true inspiration!


I don’t want to do anything.

I am beat, tired, exhausted, nervous, scared and unmotivated. It really takes a lot for me to get going. I find I am pushing myself harder to get things done. I think it is my fear standing in my way of true pleasure and enjoyment.

I am finding myself , once again, wanting to avoid people. I’d rather be alone, listening to my music or audio books while working on packing, organizing, etc.  I can not really focus and work with others around, so I prefer to do it alone.   I do not like this about myself at all, and would like to find some balance, because because alone sucks……at times 🙂




Venting. What are YOUR thoughts? I can see both points, check out this article. How do you balance your life/relationships? I have always had difficulty myself finding balance, I would either a) say nothing at all to anyone b) spill it all.  Here I am learning balance is key ONCE again (isn’t balance the solution to almost anything!?  🙂  )


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