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UnManic Monday

Today I am #grateful for knowing the difference between an eating disordered life and a real life.


For my unManic post. I just wanted to share that I am beginning to not spend ALL of my days/hours/minutes focusing and thinking about food. I think my body is finally realizing that it can eat when it wants to.  I am no longer getting those crazy pangs of hunger. I think my body was so deficient before, that it was literally “starving” all the time.

Today on my way to work in the morning, I really began to realize this.  Sure, I still am struggling. However I am no longer thinking about food constantly. I am giving my body what it wants, when it wants it, which is freeing me up for OTHER things besides food thoughts!

As wonderful as it is, its also a struggle, because now I have the time to think about all the other issues in my life , currently move related anxiety. Yet, I am not complaining. Real life is hard, but it is much more rewarding to get through life’s ups and downs than be bogged down by food and exercise thoughts. Life is TOO short!


As bummed as I am about the anxiety, I am so proud of myself for getting through, in a healthy way  🙂

I am beginning to TRUST my body ❤

Your turn

1.  What is making you anxious today?
2.  What made you feel ALIVE today?


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