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Sunday Sads

Today I am #grateful for my beautiful clean and organized kitchen by @MamaChristine done with love, pride and care ❤

I am sad, but ONLY for today. Tomorrow I am promising myself I will no longer feel sad and start being happy and building my new life 🙂

Today I am sad mostly because my mom left to fly back home to NJ 😦  I really enjoyed having her selfishly all to myself. I kind of forgot she had to go back “home”.



So here is how I am going to find some happiness when I feel so alone ❤


Visit my school to see if I can set up my classroom a bit?

I am so nervous and at a loss. I have NEVER taught resource room and am anxious about how to set up, what I will embark on and how things are done here in SC. I am learning that things are so different and I am afraid of different and change.

So I am hoping to peek in on some co-workers rooms and get some ideas.

I DO know I want to keep it SIMPLE. That is what my motto is this year. Keep it simple.

I want to keep things simple for a few reasons. First, I will be teacher older students compared to my norm.  Second, simple is nice, neat and organized (That is what I am going for)  Third, less distraction for students (and me!)


Find a desk.

There is NOTHING in stock in white here in SC! THis weekend was tax free shopping for back to school supplies and such and the stores are depleted of a lot (PLUS crowded!)

The “jersey” in me is coming through. I WANT A DESK NOW!!!. I don’t want to wait and ORDER it! I Want to pick it up, put it in my car and have it now now NOW!

Ok, phew, glad I got that out.

So, after multiple stops to Target, walmart, home goods, tj max, etc, my WHITE desk search turned up ……….NADA

I am going to have to order online , which is ok 🙂  Now I can focus on other things………..



The beach (today I went for about an hour, just to walk a bit)  It was high tide, so not the most pleasant, luckily I am not a beach “sitter” anyway, i like to move!



The pool

this is the FIRST time I have actually taken a dip and swim in the pool. All the trips here, I have not ONCE stepped foot in it……I had not allowed myself to “relax” I was always pushing to get things done and accomplished. Today I forced myself to go for a swim……and you know what? It felt AMAZING. The water was refreshing. In fact, it was the perfect temperature!

I also read my book for a bit by the pool and observed other vacationers and other owners 🙂


I feel a bit less stressed and worried……


Your Turn

  1. Do you live close or far from your family?
  2. Have you ever taught resource room? Any tips for me!?
  3. DO you prefer television or reading?

1 thought on “Sunday Sads”

  1. Aww, I’m glad you got to hang out with your mom for a bit! I’ve been living about 3000 miles away from my family for the past several years, so that gets a little hard sometimes, but for the most part, I think I’ve been dealing with it okay!

    I’d love to go to a beach sometime! *-* Yay for sand and sun!


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